1998 Toroa returns to Devonport; search for restoration site

1998 24 December
Toroa moved to a new berth at Stanley Bay wharf.

The Devonport Flagstaff, 20/21 February 1999


A substantial and prolonged but ultimately unsuccessful effort by the Toroa Preservation Society to find a place within the Waitemata Harbour for Toroa to be lifted from the water by the purpose-built pontoons for restoration work.

Public opinion moved against mooring the Toroa on her “floating drydock” anywhere in the harbour environs.  After many locations had been investigated without official approval being forthcoming, the Society determined to find a haul-out site on dry land. Another lengthy systematic search located a site in Selwood Road, Henderson, up the road from a boat ramp on Henderson Creek. The owners, Radio New Zealand, agreed to allow Toroa to be hauled out onto their property for restoration work on the vessel.