1981 Fullers to take over North Shore Ferries

1981 March          
George Hudson, founder of Fullers at Auckland, takes over the ferries from North Shore Ferries Ltd. with the intention of recommissioning both Kestrel and Toroa. Toroa found to be too expensive and continues to deteriorate at St Mary’s Bay. The Harbour Board orders the hulks removed with the intention of burying them in the western reclamation.

Old ferries to get the “chop”
The remaining old ferries at St Mary’s Bay including Toroa to be removed or cut up for scrap and included as land fill in the Westhaven Marina development.

Photo: Toroa Preservation Society Collection

Ferries The Peregrine, Makora, Takapuna and the vehicular ferry Korea scrapped.  The ferries were stripped of engines and fittings, cut down to the lower deck line and sunk in the mud in St Marys Bay.  Mud was dredged and pumped into the reclamation which was to become a car park and boat ramp in the Auckland Harbour Board’s Westhaven development scheme.